Jens Voigt Quotes

Added: Jan 31st, 2012

Jens Voigt Quotes
Here is an extensive list of Jens Voigt quotes. He is always ready with a fun quote or a hilarious one-liner.

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Jens Voigt Quotes

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Photo: Velo Magazine

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  1. Rick Jan 31, 2012

    This is hilarious! They are ALL good! We want more, more, more!

  2. david Jan 31, 2012

    future Tdf comentating partner for bobke?

  3. Jens
    admin Jan 31, 2012

    Yeah David, wouldn’t that be something?

  4. ChaiRider Jan 31, 2012

    I did not see the “it’s not rocket science” quote on this list. Can’t remember what race it was after (it’s been within the last two years)…. but the sports journalist asked Jens about his break-aways… How could he maintain the intensity for so long & blow the other riders away. To which he said something like “…simple, I just pedal faster than the other guys, it’s not rocket science”. Wish I could remember what race it was after.

  5. Filbloor Apr 19, 2012

    Few years back, at the top of a TdeF mountain top finish. Reporter: Jens, how was that? Jens: Pain is weakness leaving the body

  6. Greencoopers Jul 3, 2012

    I’m not working today, I want more money. Said by Jens at the front of the peloton when signalled by popyvich to do a turn at the front TDF 2012

  7. Clarf Jul 3, 2012

    2012 tdf: ‘I’m not working today. I want more money’


  8. Ashok Sundaram Jul 5, 2012

    The last couple of days, Jens and Yaroslav have been setting the tempo in the peleton chasing the leaders to help Fabian keep the maillot jaune. I heard Jens say to the motorbike camera on Stage 3 or 4 (not sure) “I am not going to work today, I want more money”. And on stage 5 (today), I saw him playfully dodging the guy handing out the musets at the feeding zone. How can a guy be so agressive and also be a complete court jester. One of the most colorful personalities on the tour, that’s for sure…

  9. Jim S. Jul 31, 2012

    “I lost quite a bit of skin on the left side of my body and sustained some deep cuts in my hand and around my knee, but the doctors were able to stitch it all back together. Luckily I didn’t hurt my shoulder but I’m now at the point where the only thing on my body which isn’t hurting is my bad shoulder.”

  10. Dan J. Aug 7, 2012

    In an interview Jens commented, “I’m not a world-class sprinter. I’m not a world-class time trialist. I’m not a world-class climber. All I have is my fighting spirit and my big engine- and that’s why I’m still in the business.”

  11. Dave Fox May 17, 2013

    “To cause chaos and mayhem. Isn’t that a good enough reason?”

  12. Martin woolcott Jun 1, 2013

    He signed my photo of him as “ride it like you stole it”

  13. Danksta Jun 5, 2013

    Two more quotes:

    Sometimes you have to give luck a swift kick in the balls.

    You have to beat luck long enough to get it on your side

  14. evan Jun 10, 2013

    From his interview after winning a stage at ATOC: “I’m motherfucking Jens Voigt; they can’t catch me!” Also: “I don’t look back until they pass me.”

  15. Debra Jul 28, 2013

    Why do you keep going? Jens Voight replies, “Maybe it is pure stupidity”.

  16. Sdjhd shah Aug 2, 2013

    Most hilarious cyclist ever. Strong!!!!

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